Geico Insurance Review

Looking for good cheap car insurance?  I don’t want to name names because I understand that there are a lot of things that go into good customer service and rates, chiefly of which is your agent, but I haven’t had wonderful experiences with car insurance in the past. I don’t like overpaying for anything that’s under-delivered.

But that’s exactly what I was getting with another national brand for car insurance.

Stop getting ripped off with overpriced car insurance.  Learn how to get a cheap car insurance quote with a reputable provider, Geico Car Insurance!

You’ve had the same experience. You forgot to add something initially or maybe didn’t understand the OVER 30 PAGE written copy of your policy. You’re looking to add something or make a modification. You call them. And? Well, 30 minutes later you’ve talked to four customer service representatives and told them all the same story—the one you didn’t think you had to type out and prepare like a screenplay—and they are still telling you you’ll need to stay on the line just a few more minutes while they transfer you to the next guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing either.


That was me until Geico. It was rough throwing out the other guy, mostly because IT didn’t want me to stop PAYING, but cancelling was the best 45 minutes I’ve ever spent. I’ll tell you why signing up for car insurance with Geico was the best decision I’ve ever made.


  • Extremely competitive rates! I’m never left feeling gouged like I was before.
  • Crazy amount of discounting options! Let me give you a few examples: Anti-lock brakes are a discount. Daytime running lights are a discount. Devices to counter theft are a discount. Five years of safe driving is a discount. Consistent use of seat belts is a discount. Defensive driving training is a discount. Students, if you’ve got good grades, YOU’VE GOT A DISCOUNT!
  • Customer service is excellent, but even better is that I almost never have to call them in the first place. The online option is much more convenient for me. I understand that many of you will prefer the phone, and they are wonderful with that as well. I’ve never gotten transferred more than once per session.
  • Geico is one of the largest, most-funded insurance companies. That means that they will still be around to pay your claim when other companies might have to fold up and close their operations.


The first thing I did to switch to Geico was go to

Here’s what I saw there. Enter your zip code to start the policy cost estimation process.

Actually, why not click here and follow along now.


The next page requires just a few more pieces of information to help Geico more accurately determine your insurance rate. Please fill in the appropriate fields and continue to the next page by clicking the orange ‘Continue’ button.



This page asks for your vehicle information. Go ahead and enter it now. Remember that a vehicle you own outright is going to give you a better rate than one you lease. Also, selecting a primary use that suggests less wear is beneficial. When you’ve finished, select the ‘Yes’ orange button to add another vehicle or the ‘No’ orange button to move to the next step.


Now, Geico is going to ask you a few questions about yourself. This is a prime indicator of accident risk. After you have filled in all relevant fields, click the ‘Yes’ orange button to add another driver to the vehicle you will be insuring or the ‘No’ orange button to move on to the next step.



This page is huge. The information entered here pertaining to a previous accident or traffic infraction has a major impact on insurance rates. If you select ‘No’ here, know that Geico will still complete a background check at some point during your coverage that will adjust your rates depending on anything they find. When you are finished, hit the orange ‘Continue’ button.



Remember some of those cool discounts I was talking about? Go ahead and fill in anything you can find relevant to yourself on this page. Select anything and everything because it just might qualify you to save even more money! After you have finished selecting your affiliations, provide an email address and create a password. This will allow you to log back into Geico to adjust your policy and make payments as well as access online customer service. A phone number here is part of the process also. Click the orange ‘Continue’ button to get your quote!


You’re now seeing your quote! The worst is over. View some of the other tabs located on the top of the page to select some of the other policy options that may benefit your particular case. When you are ready to discuss your quote further, jot down your reference number, displayed below outlined in red areas, and give Geico a call. Geico will even call you with your reference number automatically when you select the ‘Click for Call’ option on the right of the page!



I hope you enjoy your new auto insurance! I know I sure did. I’m never going back.

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