Top 5 Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

Explore Different Rate Quotes

Exploring your options in finding a low-priced carrier instead of settling down on one you came across can be exceptionally rewarding. You may be paying more for one company compared to another. One way of exploring different rate quotes is to visit the Nation Association of Insurance Commissioners. The site provides a map, listing state regulators which then will direct you to your state’s Department of Insurance website. Then it will introduce a buying guide that compares a variety of companies’ insurance premiums, as well providing any complaints about the company.  Learn below quick tips to lower your auto insurance costs!


Calculate your insurance costs before you buy your vehicle

Your insurance rate varies by the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Just like having a new sports car will cause your insurance to be more expensive compared to an older, efficient car. You should reach your carrier and see the rate of each vehicle you own to avoid burning a big hole in your wallet when it’s time to pay your premium.


Comprehensive coverage on older cars

Be cautious of paying more in auto insurance and possibly more than your car’s worth, if your car has comprehensive and collision coverage. There is a simple equation to decide if the coverage is worth your money: Sum up your comprehensive and collision coverage, and multiply it by 10. Do not buy the coverage if your car is worth less than the total.


Take care of your credit score

You may not know it but when determining rate calculations, carriers take your credit score into account. For example, if you had a bad credit score, you may be paying 50% more on our insurance. To avoid having bad credit, pay your bills on time and habitually review items listed in your statement to can be detrimental.


Learn about low-mileage discounts

You probably did not know that not only driving less which will reduce your mileage, but also carriers are more likely to offer you discounts if your annual mileage is lower than the norm. Having low mileage can give you an offer for a lower, reduced rate depending on the company you’re insured under. They always say, driving less not only reduces the risk but also the bill!


Learn about group insurance discounts

Did you know that some insurance companies will offer discounts to those who are part of a certain organization or profession? Make sure to ask your carrier for a list of these organizations/professions to see if you qualify for a discount.


Check for other discounts

Several carriers offer discounts to vehicles that carry some certain safety features, such as anti-theft instruments. Several will offer a reduced rates to students whose grades achieve the standard requirements, and senior citizens. Be cautious for those companies that offer high discounts, as they tend to have high interest rates. Thus, you will still be paying more. Many carriers offer discounts if you sign up for a bundle of insurances. You might be able to get a 5-15% discount if you apply for home insurance, car insurance, and life insurance with a single carrier.


Avoid lapses in coverage

Having a lapse in coverage can increase your premium and make you ineligible for receiving discounts. Make sure to pay your insurance bill in a timely manner, as well as making sure to not end your previous coverage until the new on goes into effect. It is good to constantly keep the same insurer throughout the year.

How to Get an Accurate Insurance Costs Quote

There are more useful comparison-shopping sites that provide online price quotes, such as However please beware that these sites charge a commission on each sale, causing them to exclude companies with the lowest rates because those carriers are not willing to pay this commission. So you might have to visit other sites if you wish to get a carrier with less coverage but has an exceptional cheap price.

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