Motif Investing Review $150 Signup Bonus

What is Motif Investing?

Investors these days are always talking about diversifying your portfolio (not putting all your eggs into one basket).  Why not have a company that diversifies for you? Motif investing allows investor to invest in a diversified basket of stocks in a specific market with simply one trade. The amazing twist to this brokerage firm is that it only requires one trade to get an investment in a group of stocks.  Learn more about the new $150 sign up bonus being offered by them and how you can quickly capture this bonus without having to make any trades! will present to you a method that you can follow step by step.

Normally investing in group of 30 stocks with Ameritrade would cost 9.99 x 30 = 299.7. Through Motif investing, investors can have a basket of up to 30 stocks for a low commission of only 9.95!  That’s a saving of more than 200 dollars. Imagine what you could do with an extra 200 dollars. This exceptional amazing for investors who want to lower their risk but also not build up high commissions.  Click here to join Motif Investing.


Motif Investing $4.95/stock $9.95/motif
Scottrade $7.00 $7 (+$1.25)
tradeMONSTER $7.50 $0.50/contract
Schwab $8.95 $8.95 (+$0.75)


Intial start-up Fees for Motif?

There is no intial start-up fees for Motif! That’s it! Motif investing only charges $9.95 per motif of stocks and only $4.95 for an individual stock. There is no hidden $25 membership fee or a surprising $50 fee for trading through the website. In fact you actually get a $150 reward for simply signing up for an account with a minimum of $2,000 and making at least five trades. Not only is there no hidden fees but you get paid to trade on the website!


Thinking ahead about Retirement?

Motif is the way to go. With no hidden fees and even a bonus, Motif investing is a great way to earn more cash for retirement. So why not join today?


Hot Industry

Investing in stocks that provide dividends have yielded large amounts of profits in the past few months and going into 2013. Many high growth dividend stocks are undervalued. These stocks such as Costco, Coach Inc., Rgr, and United Parcel Services are providing high dividends. Just in 2011, United Parcel Services has increased their dividends by nearly 9.6% compared to 2011. Increase holiday sales have allowed Costco, Coach, and Rgr to provide large dividend payouts which have made shareholders very happy. Other companies have also followed after Obama announced a higher tax on dividends. By increasing dividends, companies are able to make their stocks more attractive despite the higher tax on dividends. This is great news for investors because it means companies will be handing out more dividends. Motif allows investors to invest in retail theme motifs which have a potential chance to provide large dividends in the future. There isnt a better time to start a Motif brokerage account especially with the low commissions and bonus payout!

Other Services and Features

Motif also provides numerous services to investors to increase the chances of success. The website provides information and fundamental analysis for stocks such as the volatility, yearly performance, yearly returns, and the popularity of the stock among other investors. Motif also constantly updates information on its website to give investors up to date performance of many stocks. This is a great program especially among beginner investors who enjoy the simply layout of the websites and the rather inexpensive commission fees.

Investing on a Theme

One of the great unique aspects about Motif is the ability to invest in a theme such as investing in caffeine-type stocks and investing in sin companies. An investment in caffeine motif would be an investment in soft drink or coffee companies. An investment in sin theme would be an investment in alcohol, gambling, or tobacco related stocks. Though investors may be weirdly of the theme motif, these stocks are able to provide diversification for the investor and allow them to build up a growth dividend portfolio at fraction of the price offered by other brokerage firms. An example of a theme that surrounds for a Motif is an investment in the company that has the most likes in Facebook.


Bonus just for signing up?

Are you ready to start an online brokerage account that has easy to use and comes with plenty of benefits? The name is Motif investing and it is one of the top online brokerage out there. It provides real-time trading and allows investors to essential create their own ETFs.  Investors can purchase a motif that has similar features to a ETF or a mutual fund and then customize it to their own likings. This unique customization ability is what attracts many investors to the Motif concept. New account holders will be able to get a free 150 dollar bonus with an initial investment of 2000 and a minimum of 5 trades. That’s an outstanding 7.5% return simply by trading five times and putting a small investment.

  • The first motif trade will receive $50
  • The third motif trades will receive $75
  • The fifth motif trades will receive the full $150.

Sign Up Below To Get Started!

The fine print of the bonus:

“The total bonus will be based on motif trades made within 45 calendar days of funding, as follows: 1 motif trade will receive $50; 3 motif trades will receive $75; 5 motif trades will receive $150. A motif trade is defined as a completed purchase or sale of a motif for $9.95 commission. Individual stock trades will not be considered as part of this offer. The cash bonus will be credited to the account within 30 calendar days after the end of the 45-calendar-day period.”

Motif trade has numerous investment opportunities from buying entire baskets of stocks to simply buying individual stocks such as stocks that are based on the housing recovery market. One of the Main reasons why motif attracts so many online investors is due to the easy customization of baskets and the cost efficient trades. You can purchase An entire basket of stocks from the healthcare department, telecommunication and retail markets can be purchased for as low as the cost of a single commission for 9.95. Investors aren’t required to have thousands of dollars but only a minimum of 250 dollars!

Just Join and get the $150 Signup Bonus Easily!

If you do it now do a couple of conservative trades and soon your account will be flowing with the commission.  Simply withdraw everything . You get an approximately nice 7.5% return over a one and a half month period or annualized, over 90.0% return for the year! Simply share or like our content below and you will instantly get access to the link to redeem your $150 sign up bonus!

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